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D4K8 Antigua, Guatemala

To celebrate the 8th Design4Kids Adventure, graduate and Fotokids staff member, Gabriela Romero, produced this inspiring two-minute video. She said she “did it for the kids”, and that she wanted the world to see how great this program is.


Design4Kids Workshop 7 Scheduled for January 14 -22

Design4Kids workshops team talented, yet disadvantaged, youth with art, business, and communication professionals to work with local charities in solving design challenges. We are currently recruiting participants for the next workshop in beautiful Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala this January 2012.

Learn how you can participate by clicking on the Get Involved link. Learn about the January workshop by clicking on the Join the Next Workshop link.

Personal Logotype Design by Kevin

Outside view of trifolio design for Hospitalito Atitlan. When folded the far right vertical third becomes the front cover, the center vertical third is the back cover, and the left vertical third folds to the inside and is revealed when the braochure is opened.

Inside view of the brochure design for Hospitalito Atitlan.

Good and progressive day, un dia muy bueno y lleno de progreso

Taller D4K(4)
Después de nuestro paseo ayer, todos regresamos muy llenos de informacion no solo en nuestras mentes si no tambien en en los momentos capturados con nuestras fotografias, por la tarde iniciamos una actividad muy llena de creatividad, es mas manual, se nos encomendo la tarea de imprimir las playeras de Design4kids, es una tradicion que al final del taller se entregen como recuerdo a todos los participantes, entonces estuvimos trabajando hasta las 11:00 y luego iniciamos a trabajar en nuestro diseño de pagina para el libro, nos dividimos en 3 grupos para que cada grupo presente un boceto hoy por la noche, el boceto ganador se pulira y sera presentado el jueves junto con el diseño de la portada. Por cierto gracias a todos los que nos han dejado comentarios, si los hemos leido, solamente por cuestiones de tiempo y acceso a internet no hemos iniciado a responderlos, pero quiero que sepan que si hemos recibido todos sus comentarios y lea agradecermos el tiempo que se toman para ayudarnos y darnos sus opiniones.

After our walk yesterday, we all came back so full of information not only in our minds but also in moments captured in our photographs, in the evening we started a business so full of creativity, is more manual, we were selected to do Design4kids print shirts, is a tradition that at the end of the workshop give t-shirts as a reminder to all participants, then we worked until 11:00 p.m. and then started to work on our design page for the book, we divided into 3 groups for each group to present a sketch tonight, the winner sketch polishing and will be presented on Thursday along with the cover design. By the way thanks to all who have left comments, if we read, only because we time and internet access constrains, we have not begun to respond, but I want you to know that if we have received all your comments and read all, Thanks to take the time to  help and give your opinions

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