Design4Kids 6th Workshop Scheduled

La Anitqua | Santiago Atitlan | June 25th – July 1, 2011

Graphic design professional Jason Campbell teaching computer skills during Design4Kids Workshop 1.

This June our 6th Design4Kids workshop returns to Santiago Atilan where we’ll again be working with an amazingly talented group from Fotokids. If you’re an adventurous soul in search of an exceptional international travel encounter, consider joining us.  Each Design4Kids week-long event teams talented youth with seasoned professionals to work on a design project for a local charitable organization. In one short week the students meet their client, define the clients’ communication problem, create a solution, and pitch the solution to the client.

Deysi and Andres share a laugh during workshop 3

The kids get into it because they are using their creativity. More importantly though, they are learning to solve problems with critical, and creative thinking. They are learning teamwork, customer service, and the meaning of deadlines.

Bree and student practice screen printing.

Our mentors love it because they get to experience another culture through the eyes of youth, and form meaningful connections with them and their fellow travelers.  It really is a unique and meaningful experience.

Mentor Cathy, and student, Gaby learn block printing techniques during workshop 2.

We accept mentors with all sorts of professional skills, but we are especially interested in those of you with backgrounds in business, art, design, or photography. Curious to learn more? Read more about the next workshop here.

Gaby and Eric review photos from the "Amazing Foto Race" game while riding the boat back from Panjachel.


Photos from Honduras Workshop

Fotokids graduate, and Design4Kis alumnus, Werner, instructs twins Danny and Denny in the use of a Nikon DSLR.

Werner Montorosso instructs young student as instructors, Stu and Eric look on.

Students take the bus to visit their client's establishment.

Camilo and another student outside the Guaruma classroom.

Photographs by David Ixbalan

Honduras Eco-Photo Workshop Added

Announcing Design4Kids f 5.6 “Photography and the Environment”

Guaruma Student Photo. Copyrignt Guaruma.

We ‘re pleased to be adding a workshop in Las Mangas, Honduras this January. It’s our first workshop in that location, and our first centered around photography. Professional photographers, and faithful Design4Kids mentors, will lead the educational program for this workshop. Teachers and mentors will be work with the talented students and staff of the Fotokids sister organization known as Guaruma.

The dates for the workshop are  January 16-22, 2011. Read more information about it here.

Workshop Helps At-Risk Girls

Design4Kids 6 “The Save Girls Workshop”
June 12 – 18, 2011, Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala


Mentors and students collaborating during a Design4Kids workshop.


One of Fotokids new programs is called The Save Girls Project. It is a three year program which addresses the lack of educational and employment opportunities for young women living in some of the poorest most violent urban slums in Guatemala City. It’s designed to reach out to high school girls who in addition to their normal schooling, study digital photography, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, studio lighting, copy writing and advertising with the goal of promoting critical thinking, creativity and giving them skills they can use to get employment in a myriad of occupations.

The first class from the project is graduating this year, and the highest achievers will participate in Design4Kids 6, June 12-18 2011, in Santiago Atitlan. The graduating students have attended earlier Design4Kids workshops, and will act as assistants to our newest group of girls from Tierra Nueva 2, one of the most dangerous gang infested barrios of Guatemala City.

Read here for more information about the workshop and how you can personally make a difference in these young womens’ lives.

Fotokids: To Capture Dreams

During workshop 4 students took on the task of designing covers and sample page spreads for a new book to be published about the first 20 years of Fotokids’ work with impoverished youth in Central America.

Cover Design Option 3 - Photo by David Ixbalan

As a volunteer instructor it was poignant for me to see these students produce very competent design work on a project that is essentially about their own growth as artists and as people. See covers and sample page spreads from their 3 design options here: Option 1, Option 2, or Option 3.

Design4Kids Workshop 5 is scheduled for November 14th through the 20th in Santiago Atitlan. We are actively seeking graphic designers, artists, and marketing professionals to join us for an amazing experience.

Thanks to our Contributors

Now that that the fourth Design4Kids workshop is complete, we’d like to say thanks to all of you who helped make it successful.

First there are those who traveled to Guatemala to teach classes and mentor the students through the service project. Cathy Shea of the Hewlett Packard company taught marketing basics, and coached the Jakaramba staff through the process of establishing a marketing plan. Stu Estler of Stu Estler Photography taught classes in Seeing and Modifying Light, and HDR photography. Eric Lolkema of Eric Lolkema Fotographia, taught a very thorough overview of Adobe Lightroom. You guys were awesome, and I know you know the students appreciate all you did.

New to this workshop were the online mentors and teachers; Kitty Florido and Vanesa JuarezWorking together via the internet, one in New York State, the other in Mexico City, they prepared a class on social media and delivered it to our students in Guatemala via Skype, and managed to get through 90% of the presentation before we lost power and the internet connection. That did not stop Kitty and Vanesa though. They followed up with the students individually and got them producing content everyday of the workshop. Thanks ladies, your help was tremendous!

Also helping remotely were the online reviewers, a panel of professional designers and photographers who took the time to review the students first draft book cover designs and note their comments for improvement. This work was hugely valuable to our students. Our very warm thanks go out to Phil Borges, Rodrigo Zarco, Von Glitschka, Jacob Cass, Stephen Tiano, Neto Gonzalez, Donovan Beery, Dariela Cruz (, Nate Voss, and Telva Mejía Tefel.

We’re also grateful to the many who donated funds, gave us rides to the airport, helped print and package Design4Kids pen cases, and generally support what we’re doing. Big shoutouts and love to Joyce McClure, Lisa Krause, Lee Hendrickson, Julie Borden, John Reynolds, John and Patty Wall, Courtney Speigner, Jennifer Geist and all our friends at Bridges to Understanding.

Thank you everyone! Without your support, these workshops would not exist.

A Great Retreat | Un Gran Taller

La presentacion del proyecto en el que estuvimos trabajando esta semana, fue muy buena, estabamos todos aterrorizados, pero sabiamos que estabamos listos para recibir a nuestro cliente, los nervios y las ansias de ver nuestro trabajo reflejado en las expresiones de nuestro cliente, estamos seguros que obtuvimos un buen resultado, aprendimos mucho de cada uno de los mentores, aprendimos mucho de como hacer un plan de proyecto, de verdad este master taller fue estupendo, aunque por supuesto muy muy exahusto.

Gracias a todos por sus comentarios, por participar a traves de twitter, Facebook, blog, gracias a los mentores, a los participantes, a todos los de Design4kids. Seguiremos en contacto.Evie

The presentation of the project that we were working this week, was very good, we were all terrified, but knew we were ready to receive our client, nerves, and the longing to see our work reflected in the expressions of our client, we are confident we got a good result, we learned a lot from each of the mentors, learned a lot about how to make a project plan, really this master workshop was great, though of course very, very exhaustive.

Thank you all for your comments, participate through twitter, Facebook, blog, thanks to the mentors, students, all of Design4kids. Keep in touch. Evie

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