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Workshop 6 Online Review

Welcome to the online review for Design4Kids’ sixth workshop. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to virtually travel with us to Santiago Atitlan. We are here to help talented youth develop their creative talents into marketable skills while serving the needs of their communities. your professional comments are greatly appreciated.

The client for this project is Hospitalito Atitlan, the sole hospital serving the local community which is mainly T’zutihuil Mayan. The hospital requested a tri-fold brochure to educate young mothers to take their children 5 years and younger to the hospital clinic when exhibiting certain symptoms. Since the literacy rate is very low in this primarily agrarian community, especially amongst women, the client requested that the message be delivered visually and in Spanish.

The students were divided into two groups, and assigned creative and project management roles. These students, are 5 boys and 4 girls, and range in age from 13 to 17. They came to the workshop with only a little experience in Adobe Illustrator, and virtually no design instruction. They are a bit raw. So keep that in mind when you leave your comments. Please be honest, but be thorough. If something looks awful, feel free to say so, but say why, and suggest how it could be improved.

Follow the links below to each groups work, then leave your critiques in the reply section below the artwork. Again, thanks so much.

Group 1 Review Artwork

Group 2 Review Artwork


4 Responses

  1. As a designer and Brand Focal at Boeing, Kevin Mau has extensive corporate branding experience. As a focal, he works with the implementation of the Boeing brand, and helps oversee its corporate identity system in both the external marketing of the company and throughout its internal culture. Kevin has been with Boeing for 17 years. Before that, Kevin was an accomplished freelance designer where he developed creative solutions for various companies, large and small, and helped them visually communicate those solutions in their respective marketplaces. Kevin’s key clients at that time included the city of Campbell (California) Chamber of Commerce, the Watsonville Air Show, West Coast Antique Aircraft Museum, Litton Solid State, and Varian Associates.

    Traducción por Kitty Florido

    Como diseñador de Boeing, Kevin Mau tiene gran experiencia en imagen corporativa. El trabaja en la implementación de la marca Boeing, y ayuda a supervisar el sistema de imagen corporativa en mercadeo externo de la empresa y en el material interno. Kevin ha estado trabajando con Boeing por 17 años. Antes de trabajar con ellos, Kevin trabajo como diseñador independiente, y proporcionó soluciones creativas para empresas, grandes y pequeñas, ayudandolas visualmente para comunicar y dar soluciones para sus clientes en sus respectivos mercados. Los clientes claves de Kevin en ese entonces incluyen la Cámara de Comercio de la ciudad de Campbell (California), West Coast Antique Aircraft Museum, Litton Solid State, y Varian Associates.

  2. My name is Ana and I’ve been a professional photographer for 4 years now. I like to photograph while travelling and/or during any other day, but mostly I’m a wedding and lifestyle photographer. I have been a professional for 4 years, but have been a photographer from the heart since I was around 12 years old. Photography is a big part of my life, and I like to take photos of things or places that people wouldn’t normally notice. I pay extremely good attention to details and think that even the smallest one can get to be timeless with a very nice photograph.

    Traducción por Kitty Florido

    Mi nombre es Ana, y he estado trabajando como fotógrafa profesional por 4 años ya. Me gusta tomar fotografías mientras viajo, y también cualquier otro día, pero más me dedico a tomar fotos de bodas y de la vida cotidiana. He estado trabajando profesionalmente por 4 años, desde los 12 años he sido fotógrafa de corazón! La fotografía es una gran parte de mi vida, y me gusta tomar fotos de lugares y cosas que normalmente no se darían cuenta que están allí. Me gusta poner mucha atención a detalles, y creo que hasta los detalles más pequeños pueden ser eternos por ser una buena foto!

  3. Hello, my name is Vanesa Juárez, I’m a graphic designer and this is the second time I am able to participate with D4K with the online review. Last year I wrote (a lot) about me, you can find it on this link: https://design4kids.org/2010/06/07/workshop-volunteer-vanesa-juarez/
    so this year I just want to say, thanks to D4K for the great work you do!

    For the kids on the workshop, congratulations for your effort.

    Then I would like to invite you to understand that your project is not only a piece of paper that should look pretty, it is a tool to help mothers of the community to save their children, to understand the signals of common diseases and ask for the proper help on time.

    In design, it is usual to say: “Fail often, fail sooner”, it means that while in the process of creating something new: a visual communication material, an object or even an whole experience, there will be several prototypes and changes along the way, so you can finally end with the right design.

    You should specially think of the mothers that will use the material, their needs and capacities: they usually work, take care of their families and homes. So the message should be clear and simple.

    Hola a todos, felicidades por participar en D4K, por su esfuerzo, dar lo mejor de sí y aprender haciendo.

    Quiero invitarles a ver que el proyecto que realizaron en el taller, no es únicamente un trifoliar que será impreso y llegará a las manos de las personas de la comunidad, en realidad es algo más poderoso e importante, es una herramienta de ayuda a las mamás, para que ellas puedan identificar las señales que su bebé puede presentar al enfermarse, y de esta forma recurrir a el Hospitalito Santiago Atitlán, para recibir la ayuda adecuada.

    Hay una frase muy conocida en el diseño: ¡falla a menudo, falla pronto!, esto significa que en el proceso de crear algo nuevo: un mensaje visual, un objeto o incluso una experiencia, siempre es importante hacer varias propuestas o bocetos, e irlas modificando, haciendo los cambios adecuados y necesarios, para finalmente obtener un diseño funcional y estético a la vez.

    En este proyecto en especial, deben pensar en quiénes recibirán el trifoliar: las mamás, que son mujeres de la comunidad, siempre están ocupadas, son trabajadoras, y cuidan a su familia y a su hogar. Por lo mismo, el mensaje debe ser claro, simple y directo.

  4. @MJV Very well said. There have been a number of professional designers I’ve run across that still don’t get that.

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