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Design4Kids works with Fotokids to provide opportunities for seasoned professionals to make real differences in the lives of talented youth during powerful week-long experiences. Students learn to solve problems, while working together in teams, within a short period of time.

With a charitable organization as their client, and seasoned professionals as mentors, students function as like an agency to develop creative solutions to the client’s stated communication needs. They get one week to interview, write, design, produce, and present a draft communication piece for their client’s consideration.

“You get wrapped up in the stress of daily life; it was good to step back and remember that there are bigger, more important things out there.”
–L. Currie, Austin, Texas — Volunteer

Sample page spread from a book design project during Design4Kids 4

Volunteer mentors come from across the industry and around the world. Designers, marketing managers, ad agency executives, photographers, fine artists, and pre-press professionals have all participated in our workshops and made lasting connections. It’s hard not to form bonds after sharing the Design4Kids experience.

“I consider myself extremely lucky to have been in the company of so many great persons.”
–E. Lolkema, Amsterdam, Netherlands –Volunteer

To learn more about our workshops go to our Join Us page. To connect with our founder and programs director email design4kids@ymail.com or telephone (206) 331-1960.


2 Responses

  1. Im a graphic designer, photographer, native Bolivian living in La, and would love to help in some way, so let me now what I can do.

    Great Job!

  2. HI Darinka,

    Thanks for your encouraging comment and offer to help. As a working professional there are many ways you can help depending on how you wish to be involved.

    If you want to work directly with kids, the biggest way to help is to join a Design4Kids workshop, as a Globetrotting Mentor. That would give you the opportunity to directly teach talented teens some of your professional skills, and mentor them through a project-based learning experience. Click on the Join Us tab for more information: https://design4kids.org/join-us/

    If that’s not possible, another way of working with kids is as an Online Mentor. This is a role that that began in the last workshop, and which we are continuing to develop. A third way to help is by being part of the online critique process that occurs mid way through all our workshops. We are also always interested in donations. Of particular interest at the moment are Spanish language books on design, especially those on typeography.

    If any of these sounds interesting, or if you had something else in mind, write to design4kids@ymail.com and let’s talk about it.

    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Jeff Speigner
    Volunteer Coordinator

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