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Las Mangas

Design4Kids f 5.6
Photography and the Environment

Las Mangas, Honduras | January 16-22, 2011

D4K 5.6 will be our first Honduras workshop, and our first focused on photography. Working with Guaruma, a Fotokids’ sister organization, professional photographers Eric Lolkema, and Stu Estler, will teach camera and digital darkroom basics to young teens from the Cangrejal watershed.

Guaruma/Fotokids student lines up a shot. Photo copyrignt Jeff Speigner

Established after Hurricane Mitch devastated much of the Honduras’ Caribbean coast line, Guaruma has used photography instruction as a way to teach students to observe and learn more about the natural world surrounding them. And surrounded they are. Las Mangas, is located on the edge of the Pico Bonito National Forest, rich in biodiversity and great natural beauty.

The biodiversity of the Las Mangas area is spectacular. Photo copyright Fotokids/Guaruma

Like all of our workshops, this one will be project-based. Students will work together as a team to perform a service for a local charitable organization. The week begins with them interviewing a client to learn their needs, and ends with them delivering materials to satisfy that need. In between instructors will teach skills to support the project, and along with the help of Globetrotting Mentors, coach the students as they work to satisfy the client organization’s needs.

Award-winning nature photo by Guaruma/Fotokids student.

Our highly interactive classes will be taught by industry professionals and will include the fundamentals of photography, principles and elements of design, and the use of Photoshop. As an added bonus. a local biologist will speak to the students, mentors, and instructors about the ecology and biodiversity of the area. During the week, we will make an excursion into the pristine Pico Bonito National Forest.

Garifuna Children on the Caribbean beach near Las Mangas. Photo copyrignt Eric Lolkema

The fee for the experience is only $1200. That includes meals. lodging, and round trip transportation from the airport in La Cieba to the hotel in Las Mangas. Airfare is not included. The fee also covers the the cost transportation, meals, and lodging for two Fotokids students from Guatemala city to join in and round out the experience.

Apply to Join us for this workshop or another

If you have questions, please feel free to telephone Jeff at 206-331-1960, or write to us at design4kids@ymail.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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