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Design4Kids Workshop 7 Scheduled for January 14 -22

Design4Kids workshops team talented, yet disadvantaged, youth with art, business, and communication professionals to work with local charities in solving design challenges. We are currently recruiting participants for the next workshop in beautiful Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala this January 2012.

Learn how you can participate by clicking on the Get Involved link. Learn about the January workshop by clicking on the Join the Next Workshop link.

Personal Logotype Design by Kevin

Outside view of trifolio design for Hospitalito Atitlan. When folded the far right vertical third becomes the front cover, the center vertical third is the back cover, and the left vertical third folds to the inside and is revealed when the braochure is opened.

Inside view of the brochure design for Hospitalito Atitlan.


Students Serve Local Hospital for D4K6

D4K6 is off a good start. As we posted previously, our client is Hospitalito Atitlan, the only hospital to serve the Maya community of Santiago Atitlan. The workshop began Monday morning with an interview of  hospital staff to determine their communication needs.

Dr. Semana Answers the Students Questions

Students Ask the Doctor and Hospital Staff Questions

After the client interview the students debriefed and began the creative process.

Jane Works With a Storyboard Comp

Mentor Cathy, Explains Project Management Concepts To Students

Mentor Eric Discusses Organizing a Shot List

Learning About the Origins of Type With Wooden Type and Block Printing

Since many Design4Kids project clients are underfunded charities unable to afford quality printing of their projects, Design4Kids has begun a fund to provide matching funds. If you’re interested in contributing to the printing fund for this and future Design4Kids workshop projects. Visit the SupportUs page on this site for full instructions.

Students to Serve Hospitalito Atitlan this June

We’re thrilled to announce that all the mentor spots are filled for this June, and that again the client will be Hospitalito Atitlan.  They are the only hospital to serve the Maya community of the village where we conduct all our Guatemala workshops,  Santiago Atitlán. We first worked with them in December of 2009 with a poster project that designed to combat type 2 diabetes. This time the challenge will be to write, illustrate, and design, in one short week, an health information brochure for young mothers.

HDR Stu leads the class in high dynamic range photography.

Since the hospital itself is an underfunded charity, and does not have funds for printed materials, for the first time in Design4Kids history, we are raising funds to cover the costs of printing the finished brochures. This will amount to  win-win-win. The students will get the real-world experience of taking a project from conception through to final production. Hospitalito Atitlan will be able to educate young mothers while conserving precious financial resources. And the community of Santiago Atitlan will benefit from the health information distributed in the brochure.

If you’re interested in contributing to the printing fund for this and future Design4Kids workshop clients. Visit the SupportUs page on this site for full instructions.

Workshop 3 Day 1

Photo of Students

Students meet on the lawn to prepare for their client interview. Photo by Stu Estler

Today we gathered together, students from Guatemala City, Honduras, and Santiago Atitlan, and began getting to know each other through a little game. The volunteers presented examples of their work so the kids knew where they were coming from. Then we introduced the project – a small local hospital wanting to produce a diabetes health campaign. The format of every Design4Kids workshop begins with meeting a client and learning what their communication needs are, and ends with presenting a design solution on the last day of the workshop. In between we develop creative ideas and produce the artwork. The best part about it is that the kids do all the work!

We finished the day writing up the questions for the clients and if we hadn’t have stopped them, they would have kept working for hours. Below are the kids impressions from the first day of the workshop.

It’s great because we’re learning to work together as teams with kids from Guatemala City along with kids from Santiago Atitlán and to work with real clients.

Its great because, especially coming from the city, we don’t normally get to have the kind of specialized expertise that we get in these workshops.

It’s a great opportunity not only to learn tricks and techniques but to work with new people not always from the same group. As human beings we’re not always going to work with the same people in life so it’s good to learn to work together.

Besides learning the graphic design skills, we are learning about a disease that could affect us. Many of us have relatives who have diabetes but we don’t know how it affects them.

I’m new to Fotokids so for me I’m happy for the opportunity to learn what graphic design is, how to inspire others with it, and how to practice it.

I’ve had the privilege to be in all three Design4Kids workshops, and have learned a lot. In the start I knew nothing. I’m not saying that I know everything, but I now know a little bit about a lot of things. To me it’s a great to see how you can use graphic design to help other people, like what we’re doing now, helping people to take better care of their health.

Photos from the First Workshop

With the second Design4Kids workshop just over two weeks away, I thought it would be a good idea to post a few of my favorite pictures from the first event held last November. Take a look and leave your feedback, questions, ideas etc. We want Design4Kids to extend beyond just the mentors and students attending the workshops to include the broader community of caring people.

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