Space is filling up for the June workshop.

There are only eight weeks until our next workshop, and although space is filling up we do have room for one more participant.

Students, Gerardo and Camilo, share a laugh while working on layout concepts for their clients brochure project during Workshop 2.

Besides being project-based learning experiences, our workshops are also a lot of fun for both students and mentors. And why not? We’re on the shores of a deep blue lake, doing creative work with talented people for a worthy cause, living at the lovely Posada de Santiago, on the outskirts of a village steeped in Mayan culture.

On the serene shores of Lake Atitlan, one can see boats that, like the local culture, are a mix of the modern and the traditional.

The village of Santiago Atitlan is so rich in Mayan tradition, that even the Catholic Cathedral acknowledges some of their religious rites in certain ceremonies. Half-way through each week-long workshop we take a little break to tour cultural high-points with a professional guide born and raised in the local customs.

Alter of the Catholic cathedral in Santiago Atitlan - photo by Evelyn Mansilla

Each workshop is unique. Each has different students, different mentors, and a different client for us to serve.  We always plan workshop content around three criteria; the needs of this set of students, the knowledge of this set of mentors, and the needs of this client’s project.

Mentor Stu, a commercial photographer from the U.S., leads the class in high dynamic range photography during Workshop 4, last June.

Soon the participating mentors for Design4Kids 6 will begin meeting via Skype to plan the content for this workshop. So if you are considering joining us, now is a good time to get on board. Begin by emailing Jeff at I look forward to hearing from you.


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