Design4Kids 6th Workshop Scheduled

La Anitqua | Santiago Atitlan | June 25th – July 1, 2011

Graphic design professional Jason Campbell teaching computer skills during Design4Kids Workshop 1.

This June our 6th Design4Kids workshop returns to Santiago Atilan where we’ll again be working with an amazingly talented group from Fotokids. If you’re an adventurous soul in search of an exceptional international travel encounter, consider joining us.  Each Design4Kids week-long event teams talented youth with seasoned professionals to work on a design project for a local charitable organization. In one short week the students meet their client, define the clients’ communication problem, create a solution, and pitch the solution to the client.

Deysi and Andres share a laugh during workshop 3

The kids get into it because they are using their creativity. More importantly though, they are learning to solve problems with critical, and creative thinking. They are learning teamwork, customer service, and the meaning of deadlines.

Bree and student practice screen printing.

Our mentors love it because they get to experience another culture through the eyes of youth, and form meaningful connections with them and their fellow travelers.  It really is a unique and meaningful experience.

Mentor Cathy, and student, Gaby learn block printing techniques during workshop 2.

We accept mentors with all sorts of professional skills, but we are especially interested in those of you with backgrounds in business, art, design, or photography. Curious to learn more? Read more about the next workshop here.

Gaby and Eric review photos from the "Amazing Foto Race" game while riding the boat back from Panjachel.


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