Thanks to our Contributors

Now that that the fourth Design4Kids workshop is complete, we’d like to say thanks to all of you who helped make it successful.

First there are those who traveled to Guatemala to teach classes and mentor the students through the service project. Cathy Shea of the Hewlett Packard company taught marketing basics, and coached the Jakaramba staff through the process of establishing a marketing plan. Stu Estler of Stu Estler Photography taught classes in Seeing and Modifying Light, and HDR photography. Eric Lolkema of Eric Lolkema Fotographia, taught a very thorough overview of Adobe Lightroom. You guys were awesome, and I know you know the students appreciate all you did.

New to this workshop were the online mentors and teachers; Kitty Florido and Vanesa JuarezWorking together via the internet, one in New York State, the other in Mexico City, they prepared a class on social media and delivered it to our students in Guatemala via Skype, and managed to get through 90% of the presentation before we lost power and the internet connection. That did not stop Kitty and Vanesa though. They followed up with the students individually and got them producing content everyday of the workshop. Thanks ladies, your help was tremendous!

Also helping remotely were the online reviewers, a panel of professional designers and photographers who took the time to review the students first draft book cover designs and note their comments for improvement. This work was hugely valuable to our students. Our very warm thanks go out to Phil Borges, Rodrigo Zarco, Von Glitschka, Jacob Cass, Stephen Tiano, Neto Gonzalez, Donovan Beery, Dariela Cruz (, Nate Voss, and Telva Mejía Tefel.

We’re also grateful to the many who donated funds, gave us rides to the airport, helped print and package Design4Kids pen cases, and generally support what we’re doing. Big shoutouts and love to Joyce McClure, Lisa Krause, Lee Hendrickson, Julie Borden, John Reynolds, John and Patty Wall, Courtney Speigner, Jennifer Geist and all our friends at Bridges to Understanding.

Thank you everyone! Without your support, these workshops would not exist.


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