A Great Retreat | Un Gran Taller

La presentacion del proyecto en el que estuvimos trabajando esta semana, fue muy buena, estabamos todos aterrorizados, pero sabiamos que estabamos listos para recibir a nuestro cliente, los nervios y las ansias de ver nuestro trabajo reflejado en las expresiones de nuestro cliente, estamos seguros que obtuvimos un buen resultado, aprendimos mucho de cada uno de los mentores, aprendimos mucho de como hacer un plan de proyecto, de verdad este master taller fue estupendo, aunque por supuesto muy muy exahusto.

Gracias a todos por sus comentarios, por participar a traves de twitter, Facebook, blog, gracias a los mentores, a los participantes, a todos los de Design4kids. Seguiremos en contacto.Evie

The presentation of the project that we were working this week, was very good, we were all terrified, but knew we were ready to receive our client, nerves, and the longing to see our work reflected in the expressions of our client, we are confident we got a good result, we learned a lot from each of the mentors, learned a lot about how to make a project plan, really this master workshop was great, though of course very, very exhaustive.

Thank you all for your comments, participate through twitter, Facebook, blog, thanks to the mentors, students, all of Design4kids. Keep in touch. Evie


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  1. Gracias Evie, it was a real pleasure to work with you and all of your colleagues from Jakaramba Design Studio http://Jakaramba.com. It was indeed a longand tiring week, but worth it. You resulting book designs were a great step forward in the process, and I am very proud of you. –Jeff

  2. Me encantó participar! Y nos enseñarán el producto final?

    I loved participating! Are you going to show us the final product?

  3. Hi Dariela, forgive the delay replying. Yes you find links to two versions of the final product here: https://design4kids.org/2010/07/09/fotokids-to-capture-dreams/. –jeff

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