Countdown to D4K4: Our Most Interactive Workshop Yet

It’s now fewer than 3 weeks until our fourth workshop teaching creative and business skills to talented youth in Central America. As in previous workshops, our students will be working with a non-profit client to first understand their communication needs, then create and develop a design solution, and end with a formal presentation of their proposed design to that client. And again, creative and business professionals will travel to Santiago Atitlan to coach the students through the process from beginning-to-end, while also teaching classes tailored to the project goal. It’s a teaching approach we find rewarding for students, for the volunteer mentors, and for the community served by the non-profit.

Something new with this workshop is what happens in this space right here. In past workshops I’ve done my best to post photos and text daily to this blog. This time, instead of me giving my perspective, student will give theirs. Two students will write and post images daily of what’s going on from their point of view. It should be far more interesting than anything I’ve done.

The student bloggers will be mentored by two design-professional from Guatemala, Kitty Florido, and Vanesa Juarez. Ironically Kitty and Vanesa will not be in Guatemala during the workshop. Instead they will connect with the students through video Skype calls, email etc. Avid users of social media, they’ll coach the students in use of this blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr to connect with interested, and interesting people. Aided by other bi-lingual volunteers, they will also translate to and from English to aid understanding.

The client for this workshop is Fotokids, the same organization that has sponsored and taught these students so much of what they know. Fotokids wants to publish a book for their supporters. Working with 19 years of stock photography, plus new imagery being produced during the workshop, combined with new text, in English, this will be the most ambitious design project our students and mentors have tackled in a short one-week experience. It should be very interesting to see how well we pull it off.

Will you join us? Please leave a comment below. Tell us what you want to see before the workshop. Then come back and engage with the student bloggers and their mentors. Leave comments, ask questions, tell them what you want to see during the workshop. It’ll be fun. –Jeff


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