Workshop 3, Day 6, 7 – Preparing and Presenting

Mother and Child - Photo by Werner Monterosso

We missed posting yesterday, and thought it best to make the last post from workshop 3 feature some of the best work from the students in this workshop. The photo above was taken during our excursion day on Wednesday when two students paired up with 1 mentor for a cross cultural experience and photo scavenger hunt. One of the photos on the list was mother and child. Werner managed to capture this poignant moment during the event.

Last night the kids chose to stay up late working on their poster designs in preparation for this afternoons’ presentation to their client, Hospitalito Atitlan. We reviewed the work in the morning and had a few hours to relax and sight see before the presentation at 3:00. When the client arrived the kids were rehearsed and ready. They made a professional presentation using PowerPoint and a digital projector. It came off smooth and polished. So much so that the client was quite taken aback. They told us that the work far exceeded their expectations. Below is a three part series designed by Ana Yax. Several other designs were presented by this one was chosen by the students as the best solution for the client.

To cap things off, here are a couple of reflective comments from students in answer to the question “what would you do differently if this was your job in real life.”

If I was a project manager in real life I’d try to be a little more understanding of the designers, that they all have different levels, styles, and ways of designing. And I would see if the were not doing the job well, I would help them. I really liked going out with the professional photographers because I learned a lot more. I also liked doing the food photography because I’ve never done that before.

I realize I don’t really like the job of writer because it’s not really my type of work. I’d rather do more of the project management work, and help others where I can without it being dependent on me. In the screen-printing workshop I worked with a partner and discovered that you can get a lot done that way. You can make your design simple and effective by drawing upon the inspiration of others.


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  1. This has been wonderful to follow from afar. The workshop results are fantastic! It sounds like win-win for everyone involved… congratulations to all! 🙂

  2. Jeff — What another amazing week! I continue to be amazed at the quality of work the student’s have produced. With each successive workshop, the caliber of work is dramatically improved. I hope you’re feeling very proud of yourself for all that you’ve acccomplished. I know I’m very proud of you. Great job!

    • Thanks sis’, but keep in mind most of the credit goes to the Fotokids teachers who work year round with the kids. Bree Hankinson has been doing amazing work with the Santiago bunch. They are taking on paying clients and getting a good start for the design studio there thanks to her work.

  3. Jeff, The end result of the posters is great. The three series now makes perfect sense with the Stop (what’s diabetes), Why care and how to prevent it designs. It’s a very effective outcome for the client’s needs. It’s an amazing job what you do around in Guatemala!

    • Thanks Kitty, and muchas gracias for your contributions during the inprocess critique. The kids actually presented two 3 poster series, one 2 poster series, and three one poster solution. Ideally they would have only presented one or two options and held the others in reserve, but since they had worked so hard the night before the presentation, and they wanted to, we allowed them to present them all. The client was a little overwhelmed, but very pleased and leaning toward the series I posted on the blog. After I return to the states, I will post all of the designs for all the guest critics to see.

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