Workshop 3, Day 5 – More Classes and Project Work

Sam and Camilo

Sam and Camilo Screen Printing

Today we split the group in two for the morning. Half had classes in screen printing, the other half studied basic camera work and post-processing with Adobe Lightroom software. In the afternoon we all met together and resumed work on the client project, stimulated by the knowledge gained in the morning classes. Below are comments from three of the students.

Camilo pulls a print.Deysi
Today I learned a lot of different things. To experiment with the camera, which is new to me and I will be able to experiment more later on my own. I learned a lot about Adobe Lightroom including how to make a slideshow. I really like Lightroom because it is easy to use and very useful. Also working within my group this afternoon I learned a lot about my fellow students, and came to really admire them. I’ve learned a lot about my own work from them.

I feel like I am learning so much and improving everyday. I’m losing my fear to jump right in and experiment with Adobe Illustrator. I’m also learning a lot about using the camera, like how to focus better. I love being here and learning.

Screen Print by Werner

Today I learned sooooooo much! For instance I learned the method of screen printing on paper which has better detail than printing on fabric. I’m learning that it is difficult to be the project manager. It’s harder than I ever imagined. At the start of the workshop I thought taking this role would mean that I’d be relaxing a lot. But it’s not like that at all! And it’s especially difficult managing friends.


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