Workshop 3, Day 4 – Excursion and Fun Day

Today was excursion day. In the morning we all boarded a boat in front of our hotel and traveled across the lake to Panajachel where we played a game that the Fotokids staff had devised. In the afternoon, we visited another town traveling by pickup truck. Upon return some of us stretched screen fabric on frames in preparation for tomorrow’s screen printing workshop.

I like a lot to work with people speaking different languages. It was fun, like a game. Also I liked taking photos as part of the “Amazing Foto Race” game. We can’t always take photos in a fun way. Normally it’s homework.

Portrait of mentor drawn on an egg was one of the items in the scavenger hunt.

It’s been a long time since I did a photo scavenger hunt, but I liked it because it was fun. I liked learning how to build the screen printing frames because it will serve me well in the future. It was difficult to learn but we are all learning together.

I liked going on a boat to Panajachel and play the “Amazing Foto Race” game. We weren’t in our normal groups and had to speak 3 languages between the group. And we had to speak with strangers, including those at the bank. I also liked riding in the pickup truck. That was really cool. And we saw landscapes we hadn’t seen before.

Camilo rides on the front of the boat on the way back from Panajachel.

After returning to Santiago I had the chance to use the sauna this afternoon. When I stepped out I felt like I was 15 again. [ed. Camilo is 18]


3 Responses

  1. Greetings!
    What a fun day it appears you all had .. a very well deserved respite. I’m envious I wasn’t there to join in the good times. I especially enjoyed Camilo’s comment about feeling 15 again after stepping out of the Sauna.” How old is he … 19? 🙂
    El Jefe – I’ll take a look at the Workshop 3 Critique page. I’ve not had an opportunity to visit it until today. Things are very busy with my HP campaign. Never a dull moment!
    Continue the good work!

  2. El Jefe — Great job! Clearly the interactive aspects with comments from professional “creative types” is working out very effectively. How Cool!
    You should be very proud of your ‘brainchild’ and of the work the D4K team is producing. I’ve forwarded the critique option on to a few of the creative designers I work with. However, I know they’re up to their eyeballs in work for HP so theyir schedules may not permit comment.
    Truly, great job! I am so very proud of you, Jeff!
    — your admiring sister, Catalina

    • Thank Cath, yes it was hugely successful. I apologize for not answering everyone’s comments. Too busy with all the kids. Know though that they go a lot out of hearing from all of you.

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