Workshop 3, Day 3 – Classes and Project Work

Deysi, Gaby, and Camilo review fellow student's poster concepts.

Day three included morning classes in both design and photography. On the design side we focused on Adobe Illustrator techniques including type handling, making compound masks, using clipping paths to mask photos, editing and creating pattern fills. The photography classes studied aperture, shutter speed, and their relationship to exposure – then followed up with bracketed exposure shooting assignments and exposure adjustment in Adobe Lightroom.

The afternoon session was devoted to developing first-draft creative concepts for the client’s project. A few select drafts are pictured below along student impressions from the day.

My favorite part of today was practicing how to use exposure with the camera. It was really fun and really interesting to see the huge change that can happen with light in one photograph.

Today I learned that I need to pay attention to be able to complete the work I’ve been assigned. I learned about responsibility and also about how I should learn from my errors.
We worked in teams today, and I discovered that working with two people brings more ideas, and working in a group means you can take ideas from others. You need to be very open and accept constructive criticism to be able to better my work.

I really liked today’s classes because I learned how to do a lot of tricks in Illustrator. I especially liked learning how to edit patterns. I loved the Lightroom class because it was so new for me. We had a really productive day with the work for the Hospitalito.

I really liked when we went out to take photos because I learned a lot about the different light sources, it really appealed to me. Through that class I feel I’ve learned a new form of expression and more than that, the teachers are excellent.

I’m really enjoying the role that I’ve been given as project manager. I feel with this responsibility I’m learning about myself and also about my classmates. Something else I like is working in groups, I feel that with this we have more communication amongst our classmates.


3 Responses

  1. Congratulations! It looks like you are having a great workshop. I can’t wait to see the final product the group comes up with…best of luck!

    • Thanks for your comment Sarah, and sorry for the slow reply. Between the demands of the workshop and travel to the Guaruma site afterwards, I’ve been a little distracted. Wish I could have met you in Guate city when I came through. Nancy speaks very highly of you. Perhaps on the next trip.

  2. Congratulations! This week is very nicely unfolding. The concepts presented in the blog look great. I ahven’t had time to study them carefully as my own CAMPAIGN has heated up in a big way. I’ve stolen a few moments from it (at 10 PM in the evening) to peak in on the D4K team.

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