Countdown to Workshop 3 – Meet Stu Estler, Volunteer

Stu leads a group of students and mentors during the second Design4Kids workshop June 2009.

Hi, I’m Stu Estler, photographer, photography writer and teacher. I’ve been an independent photographer for about 25 years, working with corporate, architectural and real estate clients. I also travel as much as I can and photography is an essential part of that experience.

Isn’t it amazing, the feeling of experiencing new places, new cultures and new people, and the way it stimulates new ways of thinking and opens the mind to new possibilities? By engaging and developing our creativity, we grow our abilities to approach all aspects of life with creative thinking. And for me, photography is the way to create!

I’m committed to helping develop creativity and possibility thinking in people everywhere, young and old. When we travel and work with people from different cultures, we all get to share the insights of our unique cultural perspectives, and see possibilities that we weren’t aware of from within our own experiences and influences.
We begin to see ourselves in new ways, and gain a fuller, richer understanding of both ourselves and the world we’re a part of.

Being invited to participate in the Design4Kids workshop is a tremendous opportunity. I’m excited to be able to share my knowledge and insights with the students, and am looking forward to learning as much from them as they do from me. Que oportunidad tan increible!

Stu Estler

Ed: Returning for his second Design4Kids experience Stu brings a wealth of photographic knowledge and a heart of gold. See his commercial work at, and/or connect with him via has blog at

The next Design4Kids workshop runs December 5-13, 2009. During that time we will post students artwork, theirs’ and their mentors impressions of the workshop, and photos of the action. If you have ideas for other material you’s like to see please leave a reply below. We’d like to make this an interactive experience. Thanks for reading.


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