Countdown to Workshop 3 – Why We Volunteer

Portrait of Two Girls by David Ixbalán

Portrait of Two Girls by Fotokids student, David Ixbalán

With only two weeks until the next Design4Kids workshop (December 5 – 13) I’ve decided to start blogging to build momentum.

Today’s feature is an award winning photograph by David Ixbalán. David is 17 years old and he wants to be a graphic designer. A student in the Fotokids after-school program he has been nurturing this dream for many years. And, he’s making great progress. In his second year of a professional training high school in Guatemala city David would like to return to his rural village on the shores of beautiful Lake Atitlan to pursue his profession after he graduates.

That’s where we come in. Fotokids is establishing a design studio on the shores of Lake Atitlan to serve the businesses and non-profits operating there. The Design4Kids project was founded to help by providing twice a year workshops sharing the collective wisdom of experienced creative professionals with talented young teens.


One of the logo designs selected for presentation to the client.

In one week the group goes from meeting each other and a client to brainstorming, creating, developing, producing, and presenting a creative solution to that same client. The kids do all the work, and the volunteers mentor them through the process, teaching them skills aquired from their professional experience along the way. The kids grow not just in their creative and problem solving skills but also in their self awareness and confidence. The volunteers expand their horizons and revitalize their spirits as they see direct benefits from sharing what they’ve worked so hard to learn.

To make this blog more interesting for you the reader please let me know what you want to see–more student features, volunteer profiles, views of life on Lake Atitlan–what interests you?

Leave comments and suggestions in the reply section below. You can also tweet me, or leave a note on the Design4Kids Facebook fan page. Thanks for reading.


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