A Volunteer Vacation for Creative Professionals

Escape abroad, mentor talented teens, and return with your spirit refreshed.

Montage of photos from Design4Kids workshop in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala

Montage of photos from Design4Kids workshop in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala

Change your perspective while changing lives.
In a Design4Kids workshop you’ll mentor some of Guatemala’s most talented youth, while surrounded by some of its most stunning scenery. The lakeside village of Santiago Atitlan, a colorful yet poor community of Mayan descendents, is home to the next workshop and to half our students. There you’ll guide them through a service-oriented design project in a fun and creatively stimulating environment.
“You get wrapped up in the stress of daily life; it was good to step back and remember that there are bigger, more important things out there.”
–L. Currie, Austin, Texas

Make an impact sharing your creative energy.
With the odds stacked against them, making a better life is particularly difficult for teens born into generations of poverty. In the Design4Kids workshop you’ll share from your career experiences. And while the subject may be art, design, or business, the lessons are far greater. Students learn teamwork, problem solving, and how to sell their ideas. They return to school with greater confidence, excitement, and the motivation to work harder and learn more.
“There is great potential for these kids. They can make a living with professional design skills, and have the talent to do it.”
–C. Shea, Kirkland, Washington

Grow your creative community working with colleagues who’ll blow your mind.
Volunteers at Design4Kids workshops come from across the industry and around the world. Designers, marketing managers, ad agency executives, photographers, fine artists, and pre-press professionals have all participated in our workshops and made lasting connections. It’s hard not to form bonds after sharing the Design4Kids experience.
“I consider myself extremely lucky to have been in the company of so many great persons.”
–E. Lolkema, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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