Big Thanks to Supporters

Well the big day has finally arrived. I leave tonight for the second Design4Kids workshop and want to thank all the folks who are making this experience possible.

Thank you volunteers; Ann, Cathy, Eric, and Stu. You are wonderful to take time out of your professional schedules to travel all the way to Guatemala and teach what you know and love to these talented teens. Your commitment, energy, and enthusiasm are inspiring and motivating to me, and I look forward to working together with you and the kids.

Thank you Nancy, Bree, and the rest of the staff at Fotokids for letting us come work with you and the kids in your program. You are doing amazing work and we are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to lend our hands for this brief week to help in your cause.

Thanks also to those who’ve contributed financial, material, and/or practical support. John R., John J., Tom M., Larry G., Dave A., Mike H., Betsy C., and Matt W. Your gifts have made possible more art supplies, course materials, books and magazines, and an easy to read website which will help significantly in teaching not only this workshop, but will help the Fotokids director with teaching in months to come.

Finally, thanks to all of my friends, family, and colleagues who’ve provided the vital moral support, and encouragement to make this a reality.

That’s about it, my bags are stuffed with teaching aids, and I’m all but ready to go. Beginning tomorrow I’ll be blogging and tweeting the workshop experience live from Guatemala. So come back and check it out. Oh and please leave us your comments, questions and thoughts. We’ve built our site in a blog format to facilitate conversation. We want to hear from you.

– Jeff


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  1. Wonderful work you are doing in the world, Jeff and crew!! Thanks for sharing with us. Keep that love flowing. Safe travels and many blessings!!

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