Despite Power Failure, Creativity Abounds in Santiago Atitlan´

After sharing their homework assignment with us — layout of a tri-fold brochure for the client — our very talented students worked individually to create several logo options for their client. Each one was thoughtful and took into account the needs expressed by the client. Much careful consideration was then given by each to vote on, and explain the merit of their top three choices. Two designs quickly rose to the top, with two additional options included for further development.

The late afternoon brought with it a return of electricity (a BIG overnight wind storm downed a tree taking out a few power lines, a tramsformer and our power). With a return of power, Lynn was able to begin teaching Adobe Illustrator, which the kids took to like ´white on rice.´ Tomorrow they will begin to transfer their designs into ¨Illustrator.¨ What fun!!


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  1. Hi, Aunt Cathy! It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun! The drawings are all great, although I have to say my favorite is the Puerta Abierta with three books upright and one leaning, making an opening. I also really like the books with heads!

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