Off to a Good Start

Sunset behind Vulcan Antigua as seen from Parque Central.

Arriving a day or two early in Antigua afforded quaint scenes in this colorful town.

On Sunday we went to the restaurant Pres. Clinton ate at while in Santiago.

The whole team begins to come together at the restaurant. Lynn, Carmen, Jessica, Stephanie, Abdisa, and David

Werner, Carmen, and David in Parque Central in Antiqua

Jason and Werner share tunes on the long bus trip from Antigua to Santiago Atitlan.

All the students gather around a table to interview the client to determine her communication needs.

Holley, from Santiago Atitlan, listens as the client describes the target audience.

Stephanie, from Guatemala City, listens intently.

Lynn from Austin, Texas, walk through the streets of Santiago with Werner and David to visit the client’s facility.

Holley, Joseffa, and Daisey.

Jason, Lynn, Joseffa, David, Holley, Daisey, Jessica, and Stephanie sit on the walk way in front of their client’s library in Santiago Atitlan.


4 Responses

  1. Excellent pics Jeff! Seems so calmed over there! I’ll keep following your journey!

  2. Happy to see things rolling along. I’ll be staying tuned!

  3. Nicely done, El Jefe!!!

  4. Hi, Dad! The pic of the woman against the yellow wall is great. It’s fun to see pictures of Jason too. I can’t believe you guys are there together. Did the kids like his music?

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