Fotokids wishes you a very warm welcome!

We are very excited about this first workshop of Design4kids. There are 10 kids participating, 4 from Guatemala City and the other 6 from Santiago Atitlán. All are between 15 and 18 years old and have had some experience with PhotoShop. They are so looking forward to this.

I was quite impressed when I saw the profiles Jeff put up on this Blog! It should be a good group.

Some practical things; a cold front is moving in, so although 58 degrees at night doesn’t seem very nippy, it can be chilly in the evenings, so bring a sweater… and an umbrella or rain gear. The rainy season should be over, but not officially till mid November.

I am [going to be] posting some of the photography work of the kids participating. They were all chosen for either their sense of design or interest in learning computer graphics.

We will have two former Fotokids who are working with us at Fotokids and who speak English and can do some interpreting!

Nancy Morales age 26, who has just graduated from San Carlos University in graphic design but hasn’t had much exposure to Indesign and Illustrator. Nancy is currently designing a book for the United Nations on teen pregnancies. She won a scholarship to study with Jock Sturges at the Santa Fe Photography workshops and has been interested in nudes for the last 4 years.

Berlin Juarez will also join us. Berlin has worked as a still photographer for HBO’s Discovering Dominga, Hispanic Television Network and recently filming a trailer for the Hollywood production, Marimba Trade. He has been teaching Photoshop and design with us for the last 8 years. He is also 26. Both he and Nancy started with Fotokids in 1994 when they were 12-13 years old.

Marco Tulio, the taxi driver, will be outside the airport as you exit with a sign with your name on it. He has curly short black/gray hair and a moustache, slim, light complexion and wears penny loafers!

I’ve worked with Marco since my journalism days in 1985 when I first came to cover riots here. He is totally reliable. If however you find yourself stranded for any reason (which will not happen, but I have to add this) there are authorized taxis at the airport that can take you to Antigua for 225 Quetzales or so ($30).

Eric, Marco will not be waiting for you so just take an authorized taxi to Hotel Posada Belen, it’s only about a 15 minute ride that time of night.

There is a bank as you leave customs on the left hand side and an ATM machine I think. There are ATM’s in Antigua and Santiago. The exchange rate is Quetzal 7.5 to the dollar (more or less).

That’s about it! We’ll see you soon, and all join together for a good lunch at Calle de La Posada Real on 5th Avenida . My telephone number is 7832-8062 or my cell phone 5994-9993 then we will continue on to Santiago Atitlán!

Con Cariño,


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  1. Vikki & I wish you all great success, teachers and students alike. May you enjoy your experiences, and learn from each other snd your students.

    Jack & Vikki

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