Meet the Volunteers


My name is Jason Campbell, and I am a designer currently working for Methodologie, Inc., a Seattle-based brand firm.

I left my home state of Utah at the age of 19. I have since lived and studied in Brazil, Cuba, Italy, Mexico, and Switzerland, and in 2007, I received a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design from the University of Washington.

My interests include music, art, design, movies, concerts, my family, close friends, COLORS magazine, Dolly Parton, Sigur Rós, international food, baby animals, nature shows, picnics, swimming, and anything that can make me smile.

I decided to participate in this program because I see it as an opportunity for me to deepen my education. I have taught classes on typography in the past and feel that my design and language skills will benefit those involved with the program.

Jason Campbell


Lynn Currie hails from Austin, Texas where she works in Hispanic Marketing.

As the third founder, Lynn completes the Mercury Mambo triumvirate. On the outside, Lynn seems like the quiet one, but her brain is processing faster than most microchips. She’s churning on how to go from vision to execution—with all the steps in between. Lynn loves all things geek and do-it-yourself-ish. If there’s a way to wire up something to run off of a computer or a remote, and instructions are on the Internet, she’ll be working on it. Don’t let that fool you, though. Lynn’ brings to the Mercury Mambo team an impressive range of marketing knowledge and experience in design and production. She’s virtually transformed client’s’ marketing goals into profitable solutions using print and web solutions. Lynn is really proud of the fact that, as an agency, Mercury Mambo attracts talented people—both as employees and clients.

Trip Expectations
This upcoming volunteer opportunity was of special interest to me because it will allow me to combine all of my passions – design, Latin American travel and working with young people. Earlier this year, my partners and I attended a event called “See Jane Give” which promoted active involvement in philanthropy. We made a commitment at the time to open ourselves up to new opportunities and new ways to give back to our community. I am excited about contributing my skills and knowledge as part of this larger team. I am fully committed to participate at whatever level is needed and look forward to making new friends along the way.



Hi, My name is Eric Lolkema, born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Married, no kids and live in a town some 20 miles outside of Amsterdam.
I am a professional photographer, with a main interest in topics of a human(itarian) kind.
Not being able to make my living with portraiture and wedding photography alone, a short while ago I accepted a job in a large housing organization in Amsterdam. This provides me with a main income, peace of mind and the means to travel to places like Santiago Atitlan. Which means I am a happy part time photographer now.

In the past few years I have joined three workshops with the Bridges to Understanding organization of American photographer Phil Borges. These were professional as well as personal highlights. The last workshop in Guatemala with the Fotokids organization was a mind blowing, superb and unforgettable experience. I think Nancy and her staff are doing a most remarkable job here and I am proud and honoured to be able to join again and offer them some of my time and skills.

Nancy, Werner, David, Jeff and of course all the people I haven’t met yet, I can hardly wait to meet (again)!!!



Hola! My name is Cathy Shea. I’m a marketing program manager for a Fortune 50 computer manufacturer. My entire 30-year career has spanned a variety of roles within this same company — from business development to sales to marketing program management. In my current role, I work closely with ad agency creative teams to design online and print advertising to communicate our ‘commercial storage’ message in the marketplace.

Although I very much enjoy working and spending time with creative people, and am blessed to have one of the most creative people I know for a brother, I don’t actually consider myself to be very creative. I love people and enjoy doing what I can to be of service. In fact, I’ve just returned from a Habitat for Humanity trip in Biloxi, Mississippi where I joined with 19 other team members to build a 1200 square foot 3 bedroom, 1 bath home.

I am married to a wonderful man, Ken who is very supportive of my participation in trips focused on helping others. While we don’t have children of our own, I am proud to be Aunt and Great Aunt to 10 nieces/nephews, 17 grand nieces and nephews, and am godmother to 9 year-old triplets.

I am thrilled to be a part of this first “Design for Kids” team, organized by my very own brother, Jeff Speigner. I look forward to working with the Fotokids students and to getting to know each of you better. What an amazing experience this will be for each of us! Safe travels to you and I’ll see you in Guatemala.



Hi I’m Jeff. I’m a graphic designer working for a large company. My visual communications career has included film making, still photography, technical illustration, newspaper production, adverstising design, self employment, and designing graphics for print and presentations. I love to use images to tell stories.

A year ago I visited Santiago Atitlan with Bridges to Understanding for a week-long digital story telling workshop. That was my introduction to Nancy McGirr and the kids of Fotokids. During lunch and dinner conversations Nancy talked about wanting to develop a design studio. I offered to come back with colleagues to teach design basics and software skills. It’s thrilling and a little humbling to see the quality of the colleagues who have volunteered their time and resources to join in this experiment. I look forward to getting to know you all better.

I love foreign travel and photography, and am always looking for ways to combine both with helping people. My desire for this workshop is to inspire and motivate kids to learn more about design and communication arts and to get a glimpse of their own potential.

My immediate family includes a grown daughter, two brothers, and one little sister, Cathy Shea, whom I’m thrilled to share this experience with.



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  1. Very cool organization and effort! Kudos to all of you and Cathy you are a true gem!

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