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Dates Set for D4K10 June 20-28, 2015

Deysi and Andres share a laugh during D4K 3

Deysi and Andres share a laugh during D4K 3

This June we’re excited to be conducting our milestone tenth Design4Kids Adventure. After the last two adventures in Antigua (D4K8 and D4K9 both wonderful adventures with awesome kids in a sweet town), it will be nice to be back on the shores of beautiful Lake Atitlan for D4K10. We’re returning to the village where it all began. However, we will be working with a whole new generation of kids from Fotokids. Averaging about age 13, these are not your average adolescents. They’re all talented and motivated young artists eager to grow make something of themselves using their creativity.

La Pescadora

La Pescadora

If you’re interested in learning more about joining us, first check out the Join the Next Adventure page, then contact the Design4Kids director, Jeff Speigner at info@design4kids.org.

Graphic design professional Jason Campbell teaching computer skills during Design4Kids Workshop 1.

Graphic design professional Jason Campbell teaching computer skills during Design4Kids Workshop 1.


D4K8 Antigua, Guatemala

To celebrate the 8th Design4Kids Adventure, graduate and Fotokids staff member, Gabriela Romero, produced this inspiring two-minute video. She said she “did it for the kids”, and that she wanted the world to see how great this program is.

D4K7 was a big hit!

During January of this year, 2012, advanced students from Fotokids gathered with Design4Kids traveling mentors to tackle the challenge of designing a new website for their own design firm name Jakaramba.

The students were divided into four teams, each competing to have their design chosen by the leader of Jakaramba as the official design of the firm’s new website. The images above are a glimpse of the winning design as presented on the last day of the workshop.

Design4Kids Workshop 7 Scheduled for January 14 -22

Design4Kids workshops team talented, yet disadvantaged, youth with art, business, and communication professionals to work with local charities in solving design challenges. We are currently recruiting participants for the next workshop in beautiful Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala this January 2012.

Learn how you can participate by clicking on the Get Involved link. Learn about the January workshop by clicking on the Join the Next Workshop link.

Personal Logotype Design by Kevin

Outside view of trifolio design for Hospitalito Atitlan. When folded the far right vertical third becomes the front cover, the center vertical third is the back cover, and the left vertical third folds to the inside and is revealed when the braochure is opened.

Inside view of the brochure design for Hospitalito Atitlan.

Students Serve Local Hospital for D4K6

D4K6 is off a good start. As we posted previously, our client is Hospitalito Atitlan, the only hospital to serve the Maya community of Santiago Atitlan. The workshop began Monday morning with an interview of  hospital staff to determine their communication needs.

Dr. Semana Answers the Students Questions

Students Ask the Doctor and Hospital Staff Questions

After the client interview the students debriefed and began the creative process.

Jane Works With a Storyboard Comp

Mentor Cathy, Explains Project Management Concepts To Students

Mentor Eric Discusses Organizing a Shot List

Learning About the Origins of Type With Wooden Type and Block Printing

Since many Design4Kids project clients are underfunded charities unable to afford quality printing of their projects, Design4Kids has begun a fund to provide matching funds. If you’re interested in contributing to the printing fund for this and future Design4Kids workshop projects. Visit the SupportUs page on this site for full instructions.

Students to Serve Hospitalito Atitlan this June

We’re thrilled to announce that all the mentor spots are filled for this June, and that again the client will be Hospitalito Atitlan.  They are the only hospital to serve the Maya community of the village where we conduct all our Guatemala workshops,  Santiago Atitlán. We first worked with them in December of 2009 with a poster project that designed to combat type 2 diabetes. This time the challenge will be to write, illustrate, and design, in one short week, an health information brochure for young mothers.

HDR Stu leads the class in high dynamic range photography.

Since the hospital itself is an underfunded charity, and does not have funds for printed materials, for the first time in Design4Kids history, we are raising funds to cover the costs of printing the finished brochures. This will amount to  win-win-win. The students will get the real-world experience of taking a project from conception through to final production. Hospitalito Atitlan will be able to educate young mothers while conserving precious financial resources. And the community of Santiago Atitlan will benefit from the health information distributed in the brochure.

If you’re interested in contributing to the printing fund for this and future Design4Kids workshop clients. Visit the SupportUs page on this site for full instructions.

Space is filling up for the June workshop.

There are only eight weeks until our next workshop, and although space is filling up we do have room for one more participant.

Students, Gerardo and Camilo, share a laugh while working on layout concepts for their clients brochure project during Workshop 2.

Besides being project-based learning experiences, our workshops are also a lot of fun for both students and mentors. And why not? We’re on the shores of a deep blue lake, doing creative work with talented people for a worthy cause, living at the lovely Posada de Santiago, on the outskirts of a village steeped in Mayan culture.

On the serene shores of Lake Atitlan, one can see boats that, like the local culture, are a mix of the modern and the traditional.

The village of Santiago Atitlan is so rich in Mayan tradition, that even the Catholic Cathedral acknowledges some of their religious rites in certain ceremonies. Half-way through each week-long workshop we take a little break to tour cultural high-points with a professional guide born and raised in the local customs.

Alter of the Catholic cathedral in Santiago Atitlan - photo by Evelyn Mansilla

Each workshop is unique. Each has different students, different mentors, and a different client for us to serve.  We always plan workshop content around three criteria; the needs of this set of students, the knowledge of this set of mentors, and the needs of this client’s project.

Mentor Stu, a commercial photographer from the U.S., leads the class in high dynamic range photography during Workshop 4, last June.

Soon the participating mentors for Design4Kids 6 will begin meeting via Skype to plan the content for this workshop. So if you are considering joining us, now is a good time to get on board. Begin by emailing Jeff at Design4Kids@ymail.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

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